What programs does IMS offer?

IMS’ philosophy is that we are in the business of providing marketing services, and dealers are in the business of selling cars.  Therefore, we believe that IMS should assume the risk in the event the marketing does not work, not the dealership.

IMS fully underwrites our marketing programs in two (2) ways: Pay-For-Performance and Guaranteed Performance.  Dealers can choose either structure.

With Pay-For-Performance IMS works on a commission only basis, charging a fee only when a consumer that buys a car has been marketed to by IMS.

With Guaranteed Performance dealers pay an upfront fee, and are guaranteed a corresponding number of cars will be sold.  The most a dealer will pay under the program is $333 per car sold; however, in the event the guarantee is not achieved, the dealer is reimbursed on a pro rata basis.  Guaranteed Performance is available in all states, and eligible for co-op reimbursement.