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Tony Howard General Manager,
 Dale Howard Auto Center | Iowa Falls, IA
  • 30

    Average Campaign Sales

  • 22

    Average New CDJR Customers

  • 612%

    Average Campaign ROI

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Welcome Auto Dealers and Automotive Agencies to Performance Based Marketing from IMS!

We are an authorized FCA Vendor!

InMarketSolution (IMS) pays 100% of the marketing costs upfront while the dealer pays only on cars sold. Avoid the risk of investing thousands of dollars on advertising and hoping to drive new sales. InMarketSolution is a “pay for performance” marketing company for automotive dealerships and agencies. IMS gets paid on confirmed sales to prospective automotive buyers who are in the market to purchase a vehicle in the next 90 days. Through its proprietary targeting capabilities, IMS selects a specific number of potential buyers based on your dealership’s location, brand and inventory. After the targeting is completed, our marketing team assembles a multi-media mix made up of direct mail, email, digital display and social media customized to your dealership. IMS then provides a manifest of the prospective buyers to the dealership that have been targeted and matches the vehicles sold to that manifest via 3rd party verification (CDK Global). Co-op, PAP and LMA approved programs available.

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